Our Company

Yollect is a vibrant marketplace where Buyers and Sellers engage in anonymous transactions across a diverse array of products, including shoes, streetwear, electronics, and collectibles. As a dynamic platform, Yollect grants Buyers the autonomy to place bids and make purchases at prices that accurately mirror real-time demand.

Our marketplace thrives on the principles of anonymity and accessibility, allowing individuals to explore, negotiate, and transact without revealing their identities. With an extensive range of offerings spanning various categories, Yollect serves as a hub where enthusiasts and collectors alike can discover coveted items and engage in seamless transactions.

At Yollect, we prioritize transparency, efficiency, and security, fostering an environment where Buyers and Sellers can interact with confidence and convenience. Whether seeking rare collectibles or everyday essentials, our platform provides a dynamic marketplace experience tailored to meet the diverse needs of our community.

Join Yollect today and immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities, where every transaction is an opportunity to explore, connect, and acquire the items you desire.

Why Choose Us

Yollect Verified

Our team of verification experts conducts a proprietary multi-step verification process for every item sold.

Transparent Pricing

Our real-time marketplace operates similarly to the stock market, enabling you to purchase and sell highly sought-after items at their genuine market value.


There are no chargebacks, no need for taking photos, no requirement for crafting catchy descriptions, and no hassle with rogue buyers or sellers. We take care of all aspects to ensure you can engage in buying and selling with confidence.


Preserving the integrity of our marketplace means staying a step ahead. Our security and fraud systems, powered by our world class partners, have your personal information covered 24/7.