How do I begin buying on Yollect?

Once you've registered for your Yollect account and added a payment method, you can commence purchasing on the platform. Yollect, as a dynamic marketplace, enables you to Bid and Buy at real-time prices reflecting current demand.

This process unfolds in three simple steps:

Place a Bid or Buy Now:

You can bid at your preferred price or immediately purchase at the current lowest Ask.

Verification Process:

Once you've made your purchase, the item is sent to us from the seller for verification.  

Shipping to You:

Upon successful verification, your item is promptly shipped to your address!

How do I get started with selling on Yollect?

After signing up for your Yollect account, setting up your payment method for sales payouts, and having an item to sell, you're all set to begin selling on the Yollect platform.

The selling process involves three straightforward steps:

Listing Your Item:

Set an Ask price or sell immediately at the current highest Bid.


Ship your sold item to us within 2 business days.


We verify the transaction, and you receive your payment promptly!